About Us

We are the most trusted manufacturer and supplier of Pheromone Lures and Insect Traps. We are manufacturing, researching, and developing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) products that are more efficient, affordable, and environmentally safe.

We believe in providing the most convenient and worthy product. Our products support farmers, gardeners, planters, and growers in mass trapping, mass detection, and pest control.

Our specialized team solely works for loading the pheromone in the scientifically developed lab to verify that our Lures are contained suitable pheromone loading and a ratio of chemical composition. To ensure a long-lasting shield, maximum insect attraction, and effective capture, we only use virgin materials when creating the Traps. We constantly assist the customer, offer the necessary and necessary information, and offer guidance on how to manage their pest problems.


Nitin Revgade


Dipak Revgade

Co founder