Fruit Fly Lure

Bactrocera dorsalis - Oriental Fruit Fly

Fruit Fly Lure

Bactrocera dorsalis – Oriental Fruit Fly

Product Name Bactrocera dorsalis Pheromone Lure
Mode of Action Attractant Pheromone
Active Ingredient Methyl eugenol
Dosage 2000 mg per dispenser / lure
Product Description Met pet pouch containing Methyl eugenol pheromone loaded in wood block / Porous PP block.
Active Life Upto 3 months (depending on climatic conditions)
Shelf Life 2 years if stored according to the standard protocol.

Targeted Action

This product is intended for use as attractant of Oriental Fruit fly (Bactrocera Dorsalis ) in cultivation of many crops such as avocado, citrus, guava,  mango, papaya, passion fruit etc., in order to trap them for monitoring and mass trapping. This is found to reduce the intensity of pest incidence, leading to a reduction in crop damage thereby improving the yields / output quality.


Product Description

The Active Ingredient of Methyl eugenol lure is a potent attractant for males and females of Bactrocera dorsalis. This liquid formulation @ 2000 mg is loaded in a wood block/ porous pp block, which is then placed in Harmony FF traps in the field.


Application Protocol

Place the Lure/Dispenser in the trap lure holder and place the trap at various locations in the field. Traps should ideally be placed in shaded areas. Recommended to use one lure of Bactrocera dorsalis per trap. One Bactrocera dorsalis lure would last up to 75-90 days depending upon climatic conditions. The trapping density should be adequate to manage pest infestation. The recommended trap density is 40-50 traps per hectare for mass trapping and 8-10 traps per hectare for monitoring.

Packing :

Bactrocera dorsalis lure is packed in a metalized triple layer pouch.

Storage and Disposal precautions :

  • Store the dispenser away from sunlight in a dry and cool place
  • Do not open the pouch until just before placing it in the trap lure holder.
  • The product expiry date is 2 years from production date under good storage conditions and without opening the sealed pouch