IPM Trap

Fruit Fly Lure , Melon Fly Lure

IPM Trap

Fruit Fly Lure , Melon Fly Lure

Host Insect

Bactrocera dorsalis (Oriental fruit fly), Bactrocera Zonata(Peach fruit fly), Bactrocera correcta (Guava fruit fly), Bactrocera cucurbitae (Melon fruit fly).


IPM trap An organization’s patent is the pheromone trap. This environmentally responsible trap was created for several fruit fly species in vegetable and fruit crops. When adult pest species move from one place to another or even from non-crop areas into agricultural areas, pheromone traps have been a key tool in identifying the movement. Monitoring target pests in agricultural regions can be done with pheromones and traps. Pheromone traps can decrease harm to plants and agriculture by continuously scanning for insects. Insects that sting can be less common in the wild as a result.

Physical Dimension

● Approximate Dimension(Assembled): 150mm Height × 95mm Diameter
● Material- Pet Material(Disposable)
● Dome Color: Clear(Transparent)
● Base Color: Yellow

Per Acer Use

IPM traps are needed at 10 per acre.

Precaution :

When handling the lure or trap, kindly wear hand gloves and keep your hands clean.

Benefits :

● It’s an extremely effective trap.
● Ideal for a patent trap used by a green company.
● Useless after a year.
● easy to use
● The price is incredibly low.
● It is fairly common to catch insects.

Features :

There is a hole on the trap’s backside where the wire can be inserted to hang the trap on a farm.

A trap with a transparent body is developed to count the number of insects inside the trap. An insect that is drawn to smells can enter through three holes on the transparent body. In addition to using the same liquid to attract insects, the yellow bottom, yellow also draws insects of the same kind. environmentally friendly Easy to install.