Max Plus Trap

Fruit Fly Lure , Melon Fly Lure

Max Plus Trap

Fruit Fly Lure , Melon Fly Lure

Host Insect

Bactrocera dorsalis (Oriental fruit fly), Bactrocera Zonata(Peach fruit fly), Bactrocera correcta (Guava fruit fly), Bactrocera cucurbitae (Melon fruit fly).


Pheromone traps make use of insect hormones that mimic the aroma the female insect releases to entice or attract the male equivalents. Males who are drawn into traps can’t mate with each other. By counting the insects captured over time, these traps let the farmer determine the insect pest’s breeding behavior. The timing of the release of beneficial insects and the application of natural insecticides and repellents to decimate huge pest populations can both be determined using this knowledge.

Physical Dimension

● Approximate Dimension(Assembled): 120 mm Diameter × 150 mm Height
● Dome Dimensions: 120 mm Diameter × 110 mm Height
● Dome Material: Virgin Plastic Grade
● Dome Color: Clear
● Base Dimensions: 118 mm Diameter × 500 mm Height
● Base Color: Yellow
● Approximate Weight(per Trap) : 60 Gram

Per Acer Use

Per acre 10 Maxplus trap required

Precaution :

Please use hand gloves/Keep clean hands when handling the Lure /Trap.

Benefits :

● Reduces crop damage by contributing.
● It has a six-year usage period.
● Easy to install
● Waterproof and windproof.
● It has a six-year usage period

Features :

● One lure holder on the trap’s upper side allows for the possibility of hanging
● Trap with a transparent body that can be used to count the number of insects
● A bug that is attracted to fragrance can enter a translucent body through the
● There is a large opening under the trap for insects to pass through and get
● It is useful to keep an eye out for fruit flies in the field.
● Can be used with liquid bait attractant and pheromone lure.
● Secondly, the yellow color draws the same species of insect. In the yellow
bottom, use the same liquid to attract insects. It captures several fruit flies.
● They are sturdy and simply require a new fruit fly lure to be used for multiple